Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Archives of Scientific Philosophy
Philosophy has always been influenced by scientific work, and its deliberations have frequently followed scientific models. In recent decades the University of Pittsburgh has established itself as a leader in scientific philosophy, one of the twentieth century's most important intellectual currents. Furthermore, the University has committed itself to assembling archival resources for investigating the history of scientific philosophy. Known as the Archives of Scientific Philosophy (ASP), these holdings include the scholarly papers of Rudolf Carnap, Hans Reichenbach, Frank Plumpton Ramsey, Paul Hertz, and Rose Rand. In addition, the Archives holds microfilm copies of the papers of Herbert Feigl (the originals being housed at the University of Minnesota). The Archives also includes the private working libraries of Carnap and Reichenbach and microfilm copies of the manuscripts of Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Archives for the History of Quantum Physics. Most materials are housed in the Special Collections Department of the University's Hillman Library.

The following pages describe the Archives' collections. Their scope, contents, organization, and usefulness to scholars from a variety of disciplines are highlighted. Information of a practical nature is also given. Guides and inventories to the various collections are maintained in the Special Collections Department, and some are accessible from this site.

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Sandra said...

Great information about scientific philosophy believes that philosophy is one more science and that it should apply the hypothetical-deductive method like any other science.Thank you so much...